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Always classy not Trashy....

I love being "ME"
What happened in past should be forgotten, im sure I'll have my own happy pill again..... :-)
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Deleting old photos everything in my gallery was done already.. Before i keep on. saying i want those happy and sad menories but later on i realize... Continuare a leggere
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Summertime is almost over.. Welcome Rainy days... :-) ... expecting typhoons and thunderstorm which i hated most...
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Im one of those girls who not into pink or any girly girly color... I love black alot... lol.. <3<3<3...
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Take life as easy as mine, just accept what you are and what you have.. Important rule is survive a day without any hang ups... live love party... ... Continuare a leggere
Be glad that whatever happened in past for what i been through im now starting to be back to my old self again... I regret for wasting so much time... Continuare a leggere
Be contented of what i have and lets rock in roll to the world, rocking chair to the old... lol...
Time passed by still i low, do i expecting which i know it wont be happened again or just only missing those time it makes my day complete.... Continuare a leggere
I may not be beautiful but deep inside me i know i never played anybody's feeling..

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