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I'm one of the realest individualz that you ever wanna encounter with, i'm very outspoken and down 2 earth until i decide that i wanna take a trip 2 the moon, and i love a woman that have a good sense of humor and not with that drama. For the ladies that loves 2 have a good time then turn up, for my homiez that lovez 2 make that money then throw it up. It alwayz gotta be made by someone anywayz. I'mma paper chaser baby, the money never slept so i gotta stay up with it and congratulationz 2 those that workz hard for a living, (mo money, no problemz), that's the way i look at the big pic. This is a public announcement, the streetz and 2 the streetz we all have stepped our J's on well let me rephraze that, to the onez that's fortunate enough to afford them, lol. I love my beautiful women that's willing 2 hustle and sacrifice 2 get a meal ticket, and make it from day to day (soul survivorz), 2 all my ladiez, keep ya head up and alwayz remember that you're alwayz gonna be loved eventhough it may not be by the person that you see daily, 1 love kiss, kiss, love ya!!!!!!!!

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