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*To My Boys*

*Dedicated To You*
I want you to know mommy always thinks of you.
I want you to know just how much I love you.
It's been a while since I last saw your faces,
But your faces are imprinted in my head.
I can't hear your laughter or see you grow up.
But when the time comes, I hope you'll forgive me.
I hope you'll hear out my side.
I hope you and your sister will unite.
And she will tell you about our life together and what really happened.
We love you always and think of you all the time.
My life is hard without you in it.
Your sister is destroyed by the separation.
But know always that I wanted to be your mother
but lies were told and justice was not served in our case. Jealousy and deceit was what my brother had which now you call dad.
He turned his back on me and your sister and your real grandmothers. I hope you will be all you ever dreamed and if
we never meet and you never look into my eyes again,
I left something behind for you so you will know
just who I was and we were together.
Our story will break your heart and make you
cry and make you hate the ones you call parents.
I love you Jacob and Michael aka Jordan.

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